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China Maintains Its Competitive ...

Porcelain tiles are made in large scale every year. China has the biggest producers of porcelain ...

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Solar Panels Roofing Tiles Technology includes innovative roofing solutions irrespective of tradi...

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Carrick Centre provided platform for Iconic Maybole tiles on display where tiles recovered from t...

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Company Introduction

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Porcelain Tiles

Welcome to Eaglebrandtiles.com


With 39 years of old history along with the 39 years of break through in porcelain manufacturing, Eagle Ceramics will go further and fly higher presenting the world as pioneers in ceramic porcelain tiles manufacturers and glazed porcelain tiles suppliers in porcelain industry as the world impression of “Eagle Brand Group".

Over thousands of years when we inherit ceramics civilization, there is only one common sign of Eagle a mark of impression and inspiration for other porcelain tiles suppliers in the industry. Since 1988 Eagle Brand is the only representative of china on behalf of Chinese Construction Ceramics industry on the supreme Stage of Chinese porcelain floor tile industry in the world.


Eagle brand has a broad view in porcelain manufacturing and sees clearly the fashion and trends in tiles industry to spread the influence of china porcelain. Satisfying our customers worldwide by manufacturing best quality tiles has contributed Eaglebrandtiles to become one of the largest porcelain manufacturing companies in China. We utilize leading technologies to produce wholesale tiles in china's large-unit of tiles. Our extremely durable tiles for residential and construction projects has helped us sustain the number one position as eternal legend of glazed porcelain tiles suppliers and best porcelain tiles manufacturers, trader, exporter, vendor and leading distributor of polished tiles in china porcelain industry.

In 2013 eagle brand starts off with a brand new image, china eagle brand keeping a foothold in the history of ceramics will innovate in china construction porcelain floor tiles and reproduce the eternal legend of porcelain ceramics tiles. World impression China Eagle brand participated in Cersaie Bologna on behalf of Chinese construction ceramics influencing the trend of world ceramics and being a leader in ceramic construction industry and glorifying the future. Different impact, distinguished level, particular eagle brand and a legend reappears in the history of porcelain ceramics. This eagle from china will fly high making its appearance known across all the regions of the. Because we are not a just a company, we are an organization. we are Eaglebrandtiles, one of the industry leading porcelain tiles manufacturers.


The principle of being “United, Striving , Effective and Innovative " is the foundation of our corporate culture, which has inspired Eagle in the past 3 decades and enabled Eagle staff to march into globalization market as well as a steady heritage of Chinese Constructional Ceramics and polished porcelain.

Ceramic Industry of China has a huge potential that is leading industries to cater chinese porcelain tiles manufacturers in China. Foshan Shiwan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co., Ltd is one of the Pioneers of Ceramic Industry of China. The company came into existence in the year 1974 at Foshan, Guangdong, China. Since then, the company has been trying to penetrate both in the local as well as the international market resulting in the sales volume to reach above 100 million US dollars. Our customers have played a major role in increasing our sales volume and it is due to their trust and our commitment that help us maintain long term relationship with them.


Our company deals in broad range of tiles such as Granite tiles, moisture-resistant Tiles, Glazed Tiles, and tiles for bathroom, Natural Dream Stone Tiles and interior wall and floor tiles for bathroom, kitchen tiles manufactured with porcelain including with white tiles for ceiling. Browse our categories for wear-resistant tiles including soluble salt, double glazed, non-glazed and full glazed tiles, tiles that look like marble, including with indoor porcelain and outdoor porcelain.

The reason for having a broad range is that we want our customers to choose from a wide variety of tiles and colorings so that they can chose according to their specific requirement and we are also OEM so it helps to facilitate every type of customer in an effective manner. We are one of the oldest and established chinese tiles manufacturers that offer best tiles prices on selection of our tough tiles. are also competitive and this gives us the edge over our competitors because . We have maintain our product quality for opportunity to expand our business and customer base as leading porcelain tiles manufacturers.


The factory is spread over 145,000,000 square meters with the overall company size consisting of more than 5000 employees. This has given us the ability to produce about 16 million square meters of tiles in a year. As leading porcelain tiles suppliers in Doha and Qatar, we have boosted our export volume and it reaches to almost $ 1.1 billion per year.

Our brand image is associated with quality and international buyers have helped us achieve this recognition. We deliver quality tiles with quality services to our customers to maintain our value as best porcelain tiles manufacturers. Until now, we have been awarded with many awards such as China Famous Trademark, Guangdong Eagle Brand Group China, top 500 valuable brands etc which makes us legitimate pioneer of constructional Ceramics Industry and glazed porcelain tiles suppliers of Chinese industry.


Eaglebrandtiles deals with best tiles in different styles, types, designer shades and colors including rectified porcelain tile in grey, blue, black and white colors. Eagle ceramics China has China’s largest tile plant and production center for large-scale production as we are suppliers of porcelain wall tile in UAE. Our manufactured fine quality tiles are supplied to india's biggest tile companies and exported worldwide in international countries like UAE, Qatar (QA), Abu Dhabi (AZ), Dubai, USA, India (IN), china (CN), Miami, South Africa (ZA), Philippines (PH), Spain (ET), Iran (IR), Portugal (PT), Europe, and Malaysia. As largest distributor, exporter, trader, manufacturers and suppliers of porcelain tiles in china. We have supplied high-quality bathroom tiles and roof tiles to vendors and contractors in Greenland (GL). We also offer Porcelain Floor Tile options and discount on bulk purchase. Find us on Facebook and twitter as @eaglebrandtiles